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If you're gonna sweat, you might as well have fun doing it - and there's more hot fun to be had around here than ever before. Below you'll find listings to pretty much every summer-related thing there is to do in the Chippewa Valley, from always up-to-date event calendars to the area's most comprehensive listings for summertime activities, places, attractions, and more. Don't forget the sunblock.

Places & Resources

COLUMN: Renewing Respect for the Rivers

tubing is a trademark of Eau Claire summers, and it helped one longtime local gain a new appreciation for her home

I have lived in Eau Claire for nearly 30 years. And yet, until Last summer, I had never tubed the river. This may come as a shock. After all, the vision of college students floating down the river is a trademark of an Eau Claire summer. The rivers ...

The Search for Non-Dairy in the Dairyland

Our writer sought out the best (and only) spots in the Valley that serve non-dairy ice cream. Here’s what she found

Whether you are a vegan, lactose intolerant, or just want something light on a hot day, non-dairy ice cream options are super important. I am what I like to call a “mostly vegan”: I do my best to have an all plant-based diet (for environmental and dietary reasons) but will have the occasional non-vegan item – sometimes accidentally ...

All Things Fresh and Flowery: Farmers Markets in the Chippewa Valley

farmers markets are great for having fun while supporting local entrepreneurs

The only good reason to wake up early on summer weekends is to go to a farmers market. Whether you’re looking for flowers, fresh fruits, veggies, locally sourced food, or just some cool local sights, farmers markets are hard to beat when it comes to summer ...

Kubb Beans: The 2022 National Kubb Championship Slated for July

The annual Kubb Championship currently has nearly 100 teams signed up at the moment (two of which are repping V1)

Since Eau Claire is the Kubb capital of the world, we take it pretty seriously here. The 2022 Kubb National Championship is held between July 8 and 10 at the Eau Claire Soccer Park. There will be a Pre-Championship Tournament onv...

Chalk and Awe: Chalkfest Back In-Person This July

hosted by UWEC and created by Volume One, for 15 years Chalkfest has combined family fun, chalk, and art

Prepare yourselves for UW-Eau Claire’s sidewalks to become a kaleidoscope of beauty created with nothing but chalk and imagination. Chalkfest, hosted by UW-Eau Claire and Volume One, is back in person on Saturday, July 23. The previous two years ...

SKI-S.I.: The Ski Sprites Are Back With a New Theme

Ski Sprites Water Ski Show is sleuthing with this year’s CSI theme

Just in “crime” for summer, the first Ski Sprites Water Ski Show of the club’s season will be at 6:30pm on Sunday, June 5, at Lake Altoona Beach. After practicing inside on “dry land” over the winter, the club’s 50-plus members started practicing in the chilly water ...

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