Let us provide the elbow that guides your trip down the aisle. Because we all know that aisles—though straight and narrow – can trip you up sometimes. We believe that, until you’ve read this section—and subsequently gathered all the green wedding advice possible, internalized the folly of movie brides & grooms, turned to local vendors for wedding gifts, scouted out local organic caterers, and pondered the varied wedding customs of the world—your first step will be a doozy.

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Chippewa Valley Wedding Fairs for 2024

future brides and grooms, mark your calendars

Looking to see the best and freshest wedding vibes on the rack? The Chippewa Valley has a number of bridal fairs, which are a great way to meet vendors firsthand, check out the latest fashions, sample food, win prizes, and much more...

Ideas to Spice Up Your Wedding Favors

get fun – and local – with these Valley-sourced wedding give-aways!

Listen, any wedding favor is a good one: Free stuff, right? I’m into that. But if you’re going through the trouble of picking out, customizing, ordering or picking up items to offer guests, you might as well check out local spots that can offer some awesome options ...

Lasker Jewelers: A Century-Long Commitment to Quality

styles come and go, but the Lasker family’s commitment to quality and service has endured for nearly a century

Like the diamonds and other jewelry they sell, the name Lasker Jewelers carries enduring value. In the Chippewa Valley, the name has been synonymous with fine jewelry since 1928, when Max Lasker opened his first ...

The Perfect Blend: Dixon’s Apple Orchard

with three breathtaking venues just three miles from its rustic winery, you can have everything you’ve dreamed of for your wedding

Locals know the simple joy of sipping and savoring at Dixon’s Autumn Harvest Winery, an easy drive from Eau Claire and Chippewa out to the 100-plus acres of lush land it sits on. Perhaps what people don’t know, is that the winery’s small-batch varieties sweeten even ...

Your Dream Wedding at Your Fingertips

The Eau Claire Event District has two unique and gorgeous venues to host your perfect wedding

Since opening in 2023, the Eau Claire Event District is now home to Country Jam Music Festival and the new Reverb Music Festival, but its main venue sites, The Crescent and High Country, offer some of the largest and most beautiful wedding settings in the area. There is ...

IF THE SUIT FITS: Jared Jaquish Styles For Every Occasion, Including Your Big Day

Chippewa Falls native and clothier entrepreneur brings skillset back to the area

Chippewa Falls native Jared Jaquish is moving back to his hometown and bringing his expertise and knowledge with him. Jared’s goal is to be the premier clothing option for people across west-central Wisconsin and central Minnesota, ensuring his clients’ professional ...

Off the Rack Bridal Settles into Former Foreign 5 Space, Expands into Mens Wear

since opening in October, Off the Rack Bridal World has significant changes – and success

Off the Rack Bridal World, which operated on Eau Claire’s Clairemont Avenue for over five years, recently moved to a new location in Chippewa Falls – one that was no stranger to formal wear. This past summer, Foreign 5, which had been in the bridal business for ...

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Weddings & Occasions is sponsored by:

Lasker Jewelers & Diamonds
3705 Oakwood Mall Dr
Eau Claire